Having ogrewhelmingly hot sex while watching Shrek or Shrek 2.
Hey babe, let's take off those layers and have some hot sweaty Shrex with our pants half way down on your couch because your parents are in the next room.
by Shrek is love, Shrek is life January 26, 2014
Rough violent sex with a partner who resembles a hideous such as Shrek the Ogre or Evan Rogan.
Awww man I just had some nasty Shrex with connor earlier... he came 4 times.
by Alex Fontana October 05, 2012
To have relations with an ogre
"Me and Fiona had amazing shrex the entire night"
by Canine hunter August 30, 2014
The act of having sex after having consumed psychedelic mushrooms, or "'shrooms".

'Shrooms + sex = shrex
"Martha and I went to her family's cabin for the weekend. She talked a lot about how nature inspires her visual merchandising strategies, but then drank mushroom tea, smoked joint, and had interstellar shrex for four hours. It was insane. It was way hard to bust, though."
by Fashion Bath August 23, 2014

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