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Derived from the combination of "Shrink + Winky"

A penis that has shriveled up so much from being cold that it retreats inside the body, taking the balls with it. This makes it look like a vagina with a huge clit.
A shrinky is the ultimate state of shrivelidge.

I may have lost a few fingers from the frostbite, but at least a shrinky saved my junk!

One of the harder challenges in a man's life is trying to pee with a shrinky.

Women are never impressed with the men on "Nudes On Ice." You can't tell the difference from the shrinkies and the real women!

That girl was such a cold hearted bitch that I got a fucking shrinky.

"How cold was it last night?!"
"Pretty damn cold, I woke up with a shrinky!"

You know you are cold when you have a perry winkle shrinky.

Never have a snowball fight with a girl you plan on screwing for the first time! Her first impression of you naked is going to be with a shrinky.
by DMonkage June 02, 2014
When a mans penis is long and flaccid, and short and hard
by Wafflehut69 September 27, 2013
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