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An act performed by a male in which the complete genetalia is tucked under and hidden behind the legs.
That wierd guy from the Silence of the Lambs movie was totally shreveing it.
by team_leo June 26, 2011
A headache usually caused by excessive ranting, complaining, etc. Usually by someone that's tongue-tied.
Oh my god that damn kid gave me a Shreve!
by Captain Siphillis April 14, 2008
A tiny hicktown in the southern part of Wayne County in Ohio. Right near Amish country, and a place where people live only because they don't have enough money to live elsewhere.
Person 1: So, you're from Shreve, eh?
Person 2: Yup.
Person 1: Wow, what a faggot.
by Ross Schalmo January 21, 2005
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