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A large green ogre. With a donkey friend.
Just watch the film, man.
by -|-nAt-|- April 22, 2004
A person who moshes. In a mosh pit. At a gig. It's fun. Usually ends up with some kind of injury. I think that might be the point ...
A guy at the last gig I went to (RoadRage 2003) threw himself into me. Mmmm sweaty topless mosher guys ... *dribbles*
by -|-nAt-|- April 22, 2004
aka scally (in Manchester). Don't ya just love 'em? Err let's see... someone who hates anyone that looks slightly different, is smart and doesn't repeat what you've just insulted them with because they can't think of anything remotely witty. Also they think it's big and clever to act hard in front of their friends... until you beat the crap out of them. I really can't get enough of scallies, they're so much fun : )
*scally stands in front of me on the stairs giggling like a school girl and shouting his mates while pointing at me ... scally gets thrown down the stairs and never comes near me/looks me in the eye again*
by -|-nAt-|- April 22, 2004
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