2)things on a car
1)god,shox suck balls
2)r u gonna get new shox fer that there car n e time soon?
by nathaniel dickson November 27, 2003
Top Definition
Pronunciation: 'shäks
Function: noun

A stylish type of shoes that NIKE makes. The sole of the shoe usually has shocks protruding from it, hence the name SHOX.
"I got a pair of awesome Shox at the store today!"
by RockyZ September 27, 2005
An awesome person. So awesome and great it just simply defies logic. Shox means awesome beyond perfection. A shox is rare kind of person...funny, brilliant, sophisticated. A shox is the pinnacle of evolution so wonderful words can't even begin to describe how much so a Shox is best defined as a Shox
I wish my boyfriend were Shox
Whoever I marry must be a Shox
I wish everybody were Shox
My life would suck without Shox
I want a Shox
by epitome of infinity July 11, 2011
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