When a person inconspicuously sneeks up on you and gropes your shoulder in a sexual movement yelling "shoulder rape". much like wenis, knee and butt rape.
josh: *rapes katies shoulder"
katie: OH LAWD! you just raped my shoulder
josh: muahaha (i love shoulder rape)
by Ernie Pandolfi December 08, 2008
1: When someone comes up to another person and grips the "victim" 's shoulder. Can either move the hand or keep it in the same position, but the exclamation "Shoulder Rape~" must be shouted for it to be true Shoulder Rape.

2: The exclamation used when the above occurs.
1: Denton: *sneaks up on unsuspecting Kevin* *grips shoulder* "SHOULDER RAPE~"

Kevin: "Aaaargh~"
(But we all know that everyone loves Shoulder Rape ;D)

2: "Hey, shut up or I'll Shoulder Rape you!"
by Tyrannosaurus-Alex July 31, 2010

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