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a pair of shorts that exposes parts of the leg that are not meant to be exposed

usually worn by females, or males who are extremely comfortable with themselves
"nice short-shorts!!!(guy smiling and giving thumbs up)"

"ew, those short-shorts are showing more than I need to see!"
by garTITS July 16, 2009
not quite shorts not quite capris...they are a completely unique article of clothing

usually worn by "ballers" or those who would like to be "ballers"
"dang, those aint shorts they be longs"
by garTITS July 16, 2009
The ultimate cool person. It is someone who is cool in any situation. Some people can be referred to as "pimpin'" or "gangsta" but only true ballers can be called "pimp-gangster."
See that guy?!?! Yeah, he's a pimp-gangster!
by garTITS November 20, 2009
To be extremely excited for upcoming events. Such as: sporting events, parties, and holidays.
Guy Number 1: Are you ready for this party?!?!?

Guy Number 2: Hell yea! I'm pizzumped!!!
by garTITS December 15, 2009

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