I live in short hills and I Love it. It is filled with beautiful mansions and the town is gorgeous. The school system is amazing. Most parents make a living by working in NYC in the corporate world or work as doctors or lawyers. The shopping places are very upscale and expensive and this town is famous for The Short Hills Mall. With major department stores and adorable boutiques. The kids all go to camp in the summer while their parents vacation in the hamptons or long beach island. The guys wear polos and pop the collar and try to be ghetto even thought they know they are not at all ghetto. Parties are crazy wether they are house parties where kids drink and smoke and use drugs and the cops who usually have nothing to do have to break it up. Then there are the Bar/Bat Mitzvahs which are always fun, extravagant and lavish. (Short Hills is filled with jews, most residents are jewish) As well as most sweet sixteen parties. Sports are a big deal in Short hills/Millburn and people get really crazy about it even though the teams aren't always so good. Most kids who live in millburn are called ghetto or poor even though Millburn is not at all poor but still not as nice as short hills. Short Hills is one of the most affluent and popular towns in NJ. It's basically a bubble.
Short Hills is da bomb!
by Evangeline July 31, 2006
Like Westport Short Hills is ultra-white and rich. There are more Jews in this town than Israel, and not a single black person. The parties here are as many as they are lame, and the cops, since nothing goes on, sit on their asses, eat donuts, and bust up parties like there's no tomorrow. Every kid in Short Hills thinks they're so punk it's ridiculous, and half the kids own a skateboard and don't even attempt an ollie. They just want to look cool.
Short Hills is the toxic waste of America.
by Michael Schletter June 17, 2005
The fakest town in America, everyone here is the same: boring, rich, stuck-up, snobby, and overall asshole. Filled with more posers than an Avril Lavigne concert. People claim to be "ghetto" but never even laid eyes on a black person. The kids have never heard of a thing called "getting a job" so their parents buy everything for them. The town along with Millburn is mostly filled with assholes, dirtbags and japs. And yea there are more jews than Israel here. 3 maybe 4 black people live there. I've taken shits with more personality than anyone in Short Hills. Being poor is considered driving a car under 20K, living in a 2 story house and not being able to afford the latest 100 dollar pair of jeans at abercrombie. The parents spoil their kids like priests prey on little boys...ALOT. The school system is good, yet everyone is a drug addict(when I went there at least.) People usually go in the woods to smoke weed during lunch. The typical attire with a typical dipshit at Millburn High School was this: Stupid yellow striped polo shirt, sandals with socks(who the fuck does that, why wear sandals with socks, that's the whole point of sandals) and $100 jeans. The kids drive nicer cars than the teachers could ever imagine. I remember this one stoner guy in my class, he got into his car high and drove into a building and died. That was the happiest day of my life. It's just one less shit eater on the road to worry about. It's like MTV bought a lot of New Jersey and built a town.
I used to live in Short Hills/Millburn. Thank god I moved. I once got a $25 ticket for parking out on the street when visiting someone overnight. What the hell? Where the fuck do you want me to park? The driveway was fucking full. Though I didn't pay it and never plan to, I can say one thing. Suck my pasty white, flabby, lard-filled, hairy, dimpled ass. I will never go back to that town.

Synonyms: Millburn, Hot Topic, Bullshit, unoriginal.

Antonyms: anything else.
by David Guissarri August 06, 2006
Short Hills is basicly one of the richest towns in the countries. The kids that live there are snoty spoiled kids that think there cool because the just got the new phone that costs five hundred dollers or got another pair of shoes. The high-school football team sucks and the coach thinks that there going to states but even in some wierd way they do show up there Saint Peters would crush them. the town is filled with asian kids, bunch of posers girls that think there hot and the ghetto kids(but there not ghetto at all they just think they are). so my sugestion is not to come to Short Hills or Millburn. oh yea the cops there suck balls too so yea almost forgot that one
i hate short hills !!!!!
by millburn/ short hills hater March 21, 2006

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