A REALLY rich town in New Jersey. Basically Millburn, but with a different zip code and train station. True, the town is filled with JAP, posers, sluts, assholes, etc. but not everyone is like that. There are plenty of nice people here. Only about half of the kids are little stuck up spoiled brats. The rest of us are actually decent people. We're still spoiled, but compared to the rest of the town we're losers. Personally, I despise about 3/4 of the people in my school because they think that because their daddy is richer than everyone else, they can do whatever the fuck they want. The rest of the world has to stop hating on us, because its not our fault our parents were successful and we live in this town. Living in this town is actually kind of a bad thing because WE HAVE NO IDEA HOW THE REAL WORLD WORKS!!!! So stop hating on Short Hills, because we're are not at all what you think we are.
Non-Short Hills Resident: Hey, where do you live?
Short Hills Resident: Short Hills, why?
Non-Short Hills Resident: That can't be possible.
Short Hills Resident: Why?
Non-Short Hills Resident: You're so nice and down to earth...no one from Short Hills is like that.
Short Hills Resident: Where have you been getting your information?? Only most of the town is like that!!
by cttbsl2011 January 12, 2011
When I grew up in Short Hills in the 1960s and 1970s, it was a village of very good looking, athletic, clean-cut and privileged people: 1/3 Episcopalian, 1/3 Irish Catholic and 1/3 Jewish. Honestly, it was idyllic for a kid.

However, there was a lot of anti-Semitism from the Christians, and a lot of very nouveau riche behavior from the Jews. The Irish Catholics generally had lots of kids and tons of money. The three groups did not mix, except that some Aristo-Irish hung around with the High WASPs.

The Short Hills Club was predominantly Episcopalian, and no Jews were allowed as members or guests in any private clubs. If you were Italian or Polish or Black (there were no Blacks) forget it.
Like the rest of America, it has changed for the better and, also, the worst.
"You are not a member of the Short Hills Club? What is wrong with you?"
"Only Christians can go to dancing school."
"If you are not in Pack 1, forget it."
"Mrs. Smith ran off with Mr. Jones, and all their children are very sad."
"Let's drive around on Christmas Eve and see how Jewish the town is becoming."
"Do you live within the chimes of Christ Church?"
by Allworthy August 26, 2009
short hills is the hottest place on the planet. its gorgeous, hilly, woody, and mansions totally consume the place. 90% of the town is jewish. JAP, (jewish american princess), is a common everyday term, because the truth is, we're filthy rich. We wear all designer clothing from designer boutiques, drive around town in our mercedes, smoke tons of pot, and get crunk every weekend at parties. Our mall, The Mall at Short Hills, is freaking famous. Kids in short hills to to Millburn High, one of the top schools in new jersey. At least 10% of all graduates go to ivy league schools. Parents are top business executives and make 500,000 bucks a year. It's short hills, dont hate us, cause our daddies can outbuy ur houses and use them as garages.
ppl from neighboring towns; "OMFG, do you see what those short hill girls and guys are wearing?"

short hills ppl;"Welcome to Short Hills, bitch."
by lorita salls January 12, 2006
Short Hills is currently the wealthiest town in New Jersey, and the 11th wealthiest in the country (yes, 11. Didn't make the top 10. Deal with it).

Has a huge Jewish population, as well as a sizeable Asian one. There's maybe one black kid in the public school.

The guy who invented Arizona Iced Tea lives here, as well as (supposedly) the guy who founded Dole Fruit. Ashlee Simpson and Lil Kim have both been spotted in our mall.

The kids are mostly wannabe punks, and emo kids. The parties suck. Millburn is considered the "ghetto" of the town, but it too is actually one of the top 100 wealthiest towns in the country.

The public school's sports teams are admittedly awful. Our football team is a joke. The only team worth mentioning is fencing, as the mens team is something like 2nd best in the state.

Despite all this, Short Hills kids are extremely smart, always scoring above average on the SATs and standerdized tests. The public school system is notoriously good.
I live in Short Hills, therefore, I'm better than you.
by LOLZZZZZZZZZ December 22, 2005
one word-JAP TOWN
oups did i spell that rong? i'm on my sidekick!
Wanna go to the Short Hills Mall?
No I'm going to my house in Aspen!
by HiHiHiHiHiHiHiHi January 04, 2006
Millburn Short Hills is a bubble town. We are rich. We are fabulous. And just about every town in a 100 mile radius is pretty damn jealous. There is no poverty, no crime and no riffraff. We live in houses $750,000-6 million and drive Mercedes, beamers, range rovers and every other nice car imaginable. Our biggest concerns in the morning include deciding what color lacoste shirt to wear, and what seven jeans we should pair it with. Not to mention, our high school parking lot rivals that of a Ray Catena dealer. Our school system is practically private, and if you don’t get into an ivy/top 100 college, you might as well move. We shop in the finest boutiques and travel the world every school vacation. We excel in the soccer as well as the country club sports tennis, golf and fencing.

And oh yes,
The people who write that Millburn/Short hills is the armpit of America, well you’re just jealous because you aren’t rich and fabulous.
Millburn Short Hills is the "OC" of the east coast. we know you're jealous.
by MHS SENIORS 06 February 08, 2006
A rich town in New Jersey by Millburn. The worst car you see might be a mitsubishi The people are loaded and also snobs, as you can see from definition number 5. It is known for its mall, in which the only thing you can buy for under 50 bucks is a drink at the starbucks.
I hate people from short hills. they are stuck up snobs.
by Matt0912 July 20, 2008

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