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A town in Essex County, New Jersey. Not everyone there is as rich and snobby as other entries might suggest! There actually are houses there that are not huge mansions. Not everyone has an automatic Ivy League acceptance and a car waiting for them in/after high school. Being wealthier is not a crime, and neither is having the best high school in the state. It's because the parents care enough to make the school better and the kids work hard. SAT scores aren't based on the town where you live—they're based on the answers that are given.
Not everything is handed to people here on a silver platter, they actually do th e work in med, law, and business schools to get the jobs that make them so affluent. It's not an accident that people there have high-paying jobs. There are people of other races/religions. NOT EVERYONE IS A JEW. Anyway, why do you feel the need to judge people on their religion? Sure, there are snobs but it's not because they're Jewish.
Please don't judge this town because it has a nice mall and a state championship-winning soccer team as well as other successful athletes. It reflects poorly on you.
Person 1: My brother's girlfriend is from Short Hills.
Person 2: Oh, she must be a JAP, right?
Person 1: Actually, she's Hindu.
by peacelovefh816 April 01, 2009

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