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(Pronounced 'shu boo eee'), adj.

A term which captures the aspirational concepts of fake elegance, pretense on a budget and middle class affectation.

Further refined by "low" and "high" shebue.
They are getting married at the W Hotel? How shebue!

She bought her kitchen light fixtures at Restoration Hardware. Really? She is so shebue.

This guy I met on match.com met me for coffee at Panera. He was cute but totally shebue.

Other examples of shebue:
Downtown Bethesda, MD
Cooking Shows: low---Rachel Ray, high---Giada de Laurentis.
The Bush White House at Christmastime.
The Napa Valley.
Being from Buffalo and having a Southern accent.
Wearing polo shirts, ties, belts etc from clubs you, your parents or your grandparents do not belong to.
by Allworthy October 07, 2009
n. a complaint which is disguised as an attempt to flaunt one's wealth, success, education, connections or social prestige
The setting: An expensive lunch place in Manhattan.

Blonde woman in a sable coat draped on her shoulders fiddling with a 15 carat emerald ring: "My ex-husband took my kids for Christmas by NetJet to Lyford Cay, while I have to sit around by myself in my apartment staring at the snow in Central Park."

The woman's friend, a dapper, older gay man, totally faking empathy: "I feel so badly for you, sweetie" (and actually thinking, WTF, yet another glamplaint coming out of her tacky mouth).
by Allworthy September 30, 2012
When I grew up in Short Hills in the 1960s and 1970s, it was a village of very good looking, athletic, clean-cut and privileged people: 1/3 Episcopalian, 1/3 Irish Catholic and 1/3 Jewish. Honestly, it was idyllic for a kid.

However, there was a lot of anti-Semitism from the Christians, and a lot of very nouveau riche behavior from the Jews. The Irish Catholics generally had lots of kids and tons of money. The three groups did not mix, except that some Aristo-Irish hung around with the High WASPs.

The Short Hills Club was predominantly Episcopalian, and no Jews were allowed as members or guests in any private clubs. If you were Italian or Polish or Black (there were no Blacks) forget it.
Like the rest of America, it has changed for the better and, also, the worst.
"You are not a member of the Short Hills Club? What is wrong with you?"
"Only Christians can go to dancing school."
"If you are not in Pack 1, forget it."
"Mrs. Smith ran off with Mr. Jones, and all their children are very sad."
"Let's drive around on Christmas Eve and see how Jewish the town is becoming."
"Do you live within the chimes of Christ Church?"
by Allworthy August 26, 2009

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