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Short Hills is currently the wealthiest town in New Jersey, and the 11th wealthiest in the country (yes, 11. Didn't make the top 10. Deal with it).

Has a huge Jewish population, as well as a sizeable Asian one. There's maybe one black kid in the public school.

The guy who invented Arizona Iced Tea lives here, as well as (supposedly) the guy who founded Dole Fruit. Ashlee Simpson and Lil Kim have both been spotted in our mall.

The kids are mostly wannabe punks, and emo kids. The parties suck. Millburn is considered the "ghetto" of the town, but it too is actually one of the top 100 wealthiest towns in the country.

The public school's sports teams are admittedly awful. Our football team is a joke. The only team worth mentioning is fencing, as the mens team is something like 2nd best in the state.

Despite all this, Short Hills kids are extremely smart, always scoring above average on the SATs and standerdized tests. The public school system is notoriously good.
I live in Short Hills, therefore, I'm better than you.
by LOLZZZZZZZZZ December 22, 2005

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