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This is when a man is urinates while not using his hands to hold his penis. By doing this he decreases his accuracy which may lead to some 'Ricochet' (hitting the outer rim of the toilet bowl) possibly causing 'Freindly Fire' (accidently urinating on yourself, usually leg).

The origin of the phrase is a recent one. The phrase 'Shooting from the Hip' is a double entendre, as it also means to fire a weapon low down, or alongside the hip, causing a decrease in accuracy, hence the reason for its other context.

This act is popular among men as it gives a sense of freeness and results in a much more relaxing urination.

Warning: Shooting from the hip is only never to be perfomed while drunk, as this may cause embarassing 'Friendly Fire'.
I love to rest my hands on my head while Shooting from the Hip.
by Conor987 July 12, 2011
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