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N: Dessert. Shake+ Cookie. More specifically, a large chocolate chip cookie with vanilla soft serve on top. Originated from St. Joseph High School in South Bend, Indiana.
I'm getting the cheese fries and a shookie for lunch
by Iceman20 November 01, 2010
Pronounced: Shew-kee,

Shookie means poop, crap, dookie, the big brown, shit, turd, poopy, or any other word that means poop.

Shookie is poop.
Uh oh! I gotta go shookie!
by highhoe December 14, 2011
usually a nickname given to Puerto Ricans by their mothers; person with nickname is normally on the shorter side and flirts with woman of all ages.
"Nahh, that's booty. Let's go hang out with Shookie."
by bigdownlow111 January 24, 2010
typically used by island folk meaning to take or used as an exclamation of excitement (usually comes with an "ookie" when used as a phrase of excitement)
example one:

guy 1: yo did you shookie that sac from tom?

islander: fawk ya i did

example two:

guy 1: cant waaaaait for this swell to come in.

islander: shookie-ookie! *yells*
by rickrossbitchzz September 09, 2010
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