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combination of short and long put together.

i have shong hair.
by dalia reyes January 03, 2007
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A button down full sleeve collared shirt that turns into a thong at the bottom. An all in one shirt/thong combo piece very popular amongst the men of the Jersey shore.
Kyle knew he would have a successful meeting because he was sporting one of the many new shongs he received for his birthday.
by Scotty Biffdaniels December 15, 2010
Hair that is not short, or long. It's like medium length hair, but a little longer.
Susy: your hair is growing really quickly! its so long!
Jane: its not that long yet, *sigh* its short!
Bobby: not short! its SHONG!
by Jenny-Jen February 08, 2012
A song that is very good.
"The Start of Something New" is a wonderful shong.
by racheliscoolyoyoyo October 05, 2008

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