term for female breasticals
never saw the movie, but she's got monster shnoobs
by Anonymous April 29, 2003
Top Definition
Another word for dip or chewing tobacco. A way to say it so your parents or anyone else would not know what your saying. Say it comfortably on the phone or out loud to your friends with your parents and teachers around and no one knows what you are talking about. It works and helps!
Luke: Yo Adam can you get me some Shnoobs?

Adam: What kind of shnoobs do you want?

Luke: Straight.
by StanDarsh331 September 14, 2009
why..those shnoobs are simply magical.
by MC Boonge August 13, 2003
Not only a {noob}, but one that is really shit at every thing they attempt to do.
this guy through a grenade at himself when we were playing COD4, what a shnoob!
by Where'sbrian123 December 10, 2008
North east slang for blow, as well as snuff/ritalin/adderall. Really anything that is a stimulant and goes up your nose.
Hey let's step back and do some shnoobs.
Hey shaggy lets go solve mysteries with shnooby.
by ifyoudontsinjesusdiedfornothin August 18, 2015
Someone annoying or very un-liked by many people
wow, jimmy talks too much, such a shnoob
by Kristine SWAG January 25, 2012
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