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A word that reveals dismay or surprise depending on the context. Often replaces the use of the word 'shit' in a sentence or statement. Used increasingly during the 90's, can be seen used in the film Tommy Boy.
Holy Shnikes, I almost shit my pants.
by ShanwH January 14, 2006
word from the movie tommy boy, takes place of the word shit
"holy shnikes!" -Chris Farly
by biggin425 July 31, 2006
A variation of a curseword... also said as "shnikey" or "shnikies" when appropriate.
"I just got fired... shnike!"
by anonomous August 05, 2003
A commonly used phrase in Cincinnati Suburbs,(ex. Loveland, Milford, Madiera) and has even been found to have been used in parts of Southeast Indiana (ex. Batesville, Oldenburg). A varient on an expletive with a similair spelling, although often used in other situations. Other spellings of the word include shnikies, shnikeys, and shnikieys
Most Common Expressions: "Holy Shnikes Batman!" used in an intense situation

"Shnikes, That was Close" used in a close-call situation.
by AJ Cambro July 31, 2005
a way 2 swear with out actually saying a swear word. so yeah thats right u can say it in front of your mum.
Girl 1: BOO!!!!
Girl 2: Oh shnike, u scared me!
by Deelishas May 04, 2007
Fake/imitation Nike brand sneakers purchased off the internet.
I showed my friend these brand new Nike's I bought on Ebay and he said "Dude are you stupid-did you really pay money for these? They aren't Nikes, they're Shnikes"
by ILoveShnikes October 22, 2008
Synonym to the word snap, however different in that it's not used in the hip-hop culture. It can be used to describe 1. surprise 2. dismay 3. happiness.

First appearance: 1997, invented by two suburban elementary students: Jesse and Shawn.
1. Oh shnikes, you scared me!
2. Oh shnikes, I bombed that test.
3. Oh shnikes, I found $50!
by Shawn March 03, 2004
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