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A word that reveals dismay or surprise depending on the context. Often replaces the use of the word 'shit' in a sentence or statement. Used increasingly during the 90's, can be seen used in the film Tommy Boy.
Holy Shnikes, I almost shit my pants.
by ShanwH January 14, 2006
Short form of 'nothing much'. Popular in today's culture, removing the last letter out of words to make them easier to write over messengers and in notes. 'Nothing'is reduced to 'Nothin', the word much has an 'o' attached to the end, to give it a latin sound which flows nicely. Slowly spreading out of Canada to such places as America and Israel, it is creating huge waves of praise.
Whats up?
Nothin mucho, yourself?
Just made some lovely Kraft Dinner.
by ShanwH January 14, 2006
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