Abbreviation of "Shit, snow and ice", a form of snow refrozen multiple times encountered in some mountain climbing conditions. It shows as small (2~10mm) balls of ice in unstable piles. Basically if you step on it you go right through, hence the first term of the abbreviation.
"I can't go up, I'm stuck in shnice"
by Machiafiel July 28, 2009
Top Definition
1) slang for "marijuana"
2) the "high" or "feeling" marijuana gives you
3) another word for something positive like "good", "cool" and etc.
from 1st def.) Let's go get some SHNICE. etc

from 2nd def.) I'm feeling kinda SHNICE. etc

from 3rd def.) That movie was pretty SHNICE. etc
by Pul-lots March 09, 2011
Abnormally nice incident or object
Damn that car is shnice
by Todd Harrington January 12, 2004
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