A goat's penis. Also a derogatory yiddish term used to describe a fucking moron.
Boy, that kid sure loves the shmuck.
Your sister is a slutty shmuck-stroker.
Your grandpa is such a drunken old shmuck, I hear he likes little boys.
by SuperShmuck August 27, 2003
Actually, contrary to the dirty minded people, a 'shmuck' is the collective noun for jellyfish...or so my English teacher told me.
"LOOK! It's a shmuck of jellyfish! Look at them bob."
by Shpig April 21, 2006
shmuck is the foreskin after circumsition
1)i suffocated my friend with a dirty shmuck.
2)i wish i had a magic shmuck.
3)look i found a cheesy shmuck under my pillow.
4)jews eat their shmuck on their 13th birthday (shmuckday).
5)i pickled my shmuck to feed it to my pet girraffe.
6)bangers and shmuck.
by rasheedi. October 26, 2005
In the language of totally random people, shmuck is a happy term for an uber happy psychotic cool person and is not related AT ALL to any part of the penis in this random language. =]
Often used with their nationality as an adjective
Person1: Hey my Dutch shmuck
Person2: Hello my little Irish shmuck!!
by Squiggles =] November 11, 2007
another way of saying a male's genitilia i.e. a dick
paul is such a shmuck!
by abraham solomon January 15, 2004
A penis rarely larger than most.
by Kaitlyinn May 02, 2003
as told to me by a 90 year old jew: DIRTY PENIS
Girl I wouldn't touch his dick with a ten foot pole and dishwashin gloves-thats one skanky shmuck.
by Leah February 21, 2003
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