A German word originally spelled "Schmuck". The exact translation is "Jewelry". European jews used it to describe male genitals (from obvious reasons). Later on it was used to describe idiots and people they didn't like (just like the english word "prick").
"You shmuck, look what you did..."

"Look at the size of this shmuck"
by Reistlin April 13, 2005
1. A hypocrite, dumbshit, and/or liar.

--person who you can define as a friend and ends up
screwing you over or doing something really stupid that does damage to the both of you.
Lisa is a stupid shmuck.

You dirty shmuck. You didnt tell me anything about her.
by Ovalle May 27, 2008
The shit you find inside your previously used textbook. Ranging from lipgloss to coffee to blood, it can glue together pages, or just make you puke.
"Mr.S! Shmuck has glued together the pages for tonight!"
"Whose book was that?"
" (Person)"
"Ohhh, it's probably the DNA extractions we took from urine last year."
by hearmymeow February 08, 2011
A: Someone (usually school age) who doesn't care about their future.
B: Someone (usually school age) who doesn't care about their appearance.
C: Someone who doesn't know or disregards common etiquette.
D: Someone who you are better than.
Shmuck: Ya i'm getting all F's this year but I'll just try then get all good grades next year.

Unfortunate Friend: Get your shit together you Shmuck.
by squadchill September 10, 2011
a crazy grandma who gives you cookies and will fall over flat ground
omfg my nana is a shmuck, she is the coolest person i know
by old pplz r shmucks February 08, 2010
The Part of Your Cock cut off during curcumscion
Guy-Look wat i got
Guy2-What the fuck is it
Guy-Its a shmuck (Puts in Guys2 mouth)
Guy2-Dude thats fuckin gross thats someones cock
Guy-I know its mine
by CaRiLlO August 07, 2005
A goat's penis. Also a derogatory yiddish term used to describe a fucking moron.
Boy, that kid sure loves the shmuck.
Your sister is a slutty shmuck-stroker.
Your grandpa is such a drunken old shmuck, I hear he likes little boys.
by SuperShmuck August 27, 2003

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