to fuzz a cat in the hoonas
I want to give that cat a shmig!
by jimbo Ellis December 04, 2007
Top Definition
another word for weed, also Shmigging can be used the same as smoking
Yo i was at Big Ts last night and we shmigged this fine shmig, you wanna shmig tonight? I am soooo shmigged right now
by rek tirk gaj October 07, 2005
to smoke any form of marijuana, usually when doing it amoungst a group of people.
I was shmiggin' out of a bowl last night.

lets shmig this gram right now
by Max Bamberger October 13, 2005
1) term for cigarette
2) term for smoking
1) i'm smokin' a shmigg mang.
2) let's shmig a bowl; we shmigged a fat ass blunt last night; we're shmiggin a bowl later, wanna come?
by its_boob August 01, 2006
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