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Some one, usually female, who is worse than your average slut- will literally root anything that moves.
Also - "manshlut"
"Erin is such a shlut!"
by Figgerbub September 18, 2003
A Shitty Slut, such as one that originates from the potty. Used to abbreviate the word, when you can easily put it into one word.
That shlut probably hangs around in the gutter.
by Zeiphor January 19, 2005
Super slut
"Oh man did you see Chloe in action last night? That bitch is a mad shlut!"
by Cnewport September 08, 2013
a girl who everyone calls a slut but really shity in bed.
"wow shes a slut, she sleeps with alot of guys" " yeah but they all say shes a shlut"
by KD <3 March 31, 2009
a shlut is a girl who flirts with a guy and gives him the wrong idea just so she can shut him down when he tries to make his move... for ultimate pwnage
Martha Stewart totally Shlut that guy down, shes so shlutty
by Ray Comfort March 03, 2009
a kind slut who is in it for money....its in it for the exercise....
Th shlut on the side of the road decided not to charge.
by Say & Day December 13, 2003
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