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A shoulder movement that's a cross between a shrug and a shlub. Foster the People frontman Mark Foster's signature move during live shows.
Person A: What is that shoulder movement you're doing there? I can't tell if you're shrugging or shlubbing.
Person B: You're right. I'm actually shlugging. I went to a Foster the People concert last night and saw Mark Foster doing it. I gotta say, it's really catchy.
by pianomagic June 04, 2011
verb. , to perform the act of being unhappy about something, to express your anguish through means of being generally miserable.
John was catching such a shlug with his mom for eating the last piece of pie.

Friend1 :"Whats wrong with john?"
Friend2 :"He's just shlugging with his mom..."

John : "take that back, or I'l shlug with you i swear!"
by Robbilbee September 16, 2008
Person who dances in a slug like/slithery type manner.
peter looks very shlug on the dancefloor
by Emily Flynn February 06, 2004