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Verb- When you reach an orgasm and you accidentally crap out your ass.
Frat Guy #1- "I was hooking up with that slut and I really had to take a shit so I decided just to finish, and when I jizzed I jizzed so hard a little bit of shit came out"

Frat Guy #2- "Dude you totally SHIZZED! It's when you jizz and a little bit of shit comes out
by Houston March 30, 2009
When something so amazing happens that you shit and jizz your pants at the exact same time.
Guy #1 - Last night was so awesome i almost shizzed
Guy #2 - Almost?
by forgetyou23 October 03, 2010
Basically means sent to the crapper. Its for use as past tense of something bad.
Our business just got shizzed.
by BizMan April 11, 2006
The result of mind blowing oral sex whereby a man shits and jizzes at the same time.
I just shizzed everyone but I whatever, I gots mine!
by William Shitspeare March 27, 2014
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