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Shivon is a mythical woman who does not exist. She is perfect in every way. Her beauty is only matched by her intellect, compassion and wit. Many a knight and nobleman have searched for her with a fervor only comparable to that of the holy grail, but have always failed. The fact is, it would not be fair for her to be a reality, for all other women would pale in her brilliance.
Sure she is a perfect "10". But she is no Shivon!
by Sir Galliant February 02, 2010
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seductive and alluring, a girl who can turn the head of any man, and can be anything he desires; a goddess among mortals; mysterious and intriguing; a type of fairy
They are under Shivon's spell, and wont stop until they have her.
by the bizznizz January 22, 2011

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