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a woman who is classifiable as a bitch and a whore as she displays characteristics pertaining to both.
You heap of shit bitch whore!
by E April 07, 2005
An individual who intentionally cheats on their significant other with flagrant disregard to the emotional damage their actions will cause to all involved.
"I'M SUCH A BITCH WHORE!!!" - Sophie Barrett
by hornytown September 23, 2010
many different uses, can be used to describe someone who has pissed you off or can be used as a curse word.
person #1: yeah my boss cut back my hours this month
person #2: bitchwhore!

person #3: *drops heavy object on foot* OUCH BITCHWHORE!
by abercrombiezombie222 October 17, 2009
another word for bitch, slut, hoe, dickhead etc...
U r a bitch-whore
by Esposito May 15, 2004
the best friend you could ever ask for <3
also known as dink, or preferably dinkyy

very much in need of a pink bejeweled leash-she can get out of control sometimes
"Wassappp bitchwhore!!!"
by The Scientist__Human Centipede December 13, 2011
A woman who is not only a bitch, but also a whore.
Had to dump that bitchwhore for sleeping around.

Stop acting like a bitchwhore.

The bitchwhore stole my wallet.
by pleasant prime October 27, 2011
Somebody who does something out of line that pisses you off, mainly when someone bails out on you last minute when you have made plans together. It is never said to the person directly, but always to somebody else or to yourself under your breath. Can be refering to a guy or a girl.
Guy on phone: Yea I can't make it tonight, but maybe next week we can get together since we have been planning this for a long time. Is that okay?

Girl: oh yea, that's fine. Well I'll let you go to whatever you have to do. Bye! (hangs up) bitch whore.

So the other day, Cindy totally bitch whored me out and didn't show up at the cafe.
by Unbitchwhore July 26, 2009

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