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An African-American child, usually generated in mass quantities. The father of a shitlet is almost never known for certain, unless Maury Povich performs a paternity test. Shitlets are often produced for the purpose of increasing the monthly welfare budget. See also: niglet
S'han'tay'tay went to the welfare office early in the morning, at 3pm, with her 11 shitlets in tow, so she could pick up her monthly check.
by axemeaquestion April 10, 2010
Small peices of shit. Rabbit shit for example, is composed of many shitlets, instead of a smaller number of larger peices.

Can also be used as a synonym for: dingleberries, clingons or willnots
I thought I needed to take a monster dump, but it was just a few shitlets and lots of gas.
by Paul May 25, 2005
a little piece of turd that sometimes dangles off your ass when your taking a dump.
I always have shitlets when i take really long dumps.
by john stewart December 28, 2004
1) (n) a turd. a piece of shit so disappointingly small it doesn't even deserve to be called "a piece of shit"
2) (n) politically incorrect way of saying, "little shit".
1)Last night I was constipated really bad, and today I could only get out a shitlet.
2)That shitlet ran right by him easily for a touchdown
by aobbro15 May 18, 2011
Another pronunciation for Shi'ite Muslims.
A soft partition will split the Kurds, Sunni's and Shitlets into 3 seperate states
by Ross Simon October 14, 2007
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