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Expletive used to show dismay, anger or contempt. Similar in use to “fuck” but a less severe expression.
"Oh, dude, you have just run over that cat!"
"Shitknockers I think that was my Neighbours"
" Oh shit, you will have to go and tell them"
by acl551 June 07, 2009
AKA: some who talks shit. a person who lies and knocks it around
"Did you hear that dude at lunch, he's such a Shit Knocker"
by KayleKaleidoscope May 16, 2009
Someone who shits in their hand and then flings it in another's face.
"See that guy over there? He's a shit-knocker."
by Epic-win May 25, 2009
Somone who screws others up the anus. Usually used to describe gay people.
That queer guy over there looks like a Shit Knocker.
by humongousFUNGUS January 20, 2006
when you get hi in the stomach so hard that shit comes out of your ass.
"Yo, Louie Im gonna give you a
shit- knocker if you dont shut the hell up!"
by Bob Lush March 11, 2003