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The second hottest guy in the Harry Potter series. A character with so much potential that J.K. Rowling shuffled to the side because she realized her writing abilities didn't cover characterization.
I would join the Dark Side to fuck Draco Malfoy.
by Lauren Nicol' Malfoy October 09, 2007
1. Latin for "dragon".

2. A character in the Harry Potter series.

3. Anything pertaining to harsh or unnecessary rules/punishment. Draconian.
1. No example needed.

2. Draco Malfoy strode through the castle gates.
by Dalek Draco March 11, 2010
1. To mass kick/mass ban a whole chatroom
2. To mass kick/mass ban a whole chatroom without warning
3. To go suddenly and inexplicably insane

Term comes from a moderator on the Mugglenet Chat site, who went by the name 'Draco'. He mass banned and kicked the whole room, including other moderators, with the kick message "Wallow in your own filth, Pigs of Satan." Action was completely unforeseen and ensuing chaos resulted in resignations of staff and the closure of the chat site (the world's most popular Harry Potter chat) a week later.

See also Legend, Leader, Revolution and Martyr.
* User2 has joined room #Kicked
<User2> Where is everyone?
<Masskicker> I did a Draco <g>
<User2> lol
* User2 has left #Kicked (kicked by Masskicker)
by DamonII February 22, 2006
Verb: To lie about every aspect of your life often so convincingly it becomes truth to yourself.
There was not a single moment when talking to us that he did not Draco.
by [BE] January 16, 2011
An Athenian judge, who did very mean things to people if they weren't nice. (Generally including near-death torture) (Or to death torture, whatever floats your boat)


A really weird lizard thingy from Ninja Turtles. Also includes any form of dragon/lizard/fire-brathing-reptile.
OMG! I just cut that guys hedge with a pair of clippers and now he's gonna act draconian!

*Poor fool gets raped by pigs, skinned alive, poked, crapped on, and shot with saltshot.*
by Close To Reason September 27, 2006
a boy in the harry potter series with blond hair and a serious attitude problem
draco cried 'harry potter just hit me,u wait till my father hears about this!'
by crowie May 31, 2006
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