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A word used to describe all the really bad sitcoms that are coming out recently, which are usually just inferior clones of previous great sitcoms.
Man did you watch the shitcom Hope & Faith last night?
by Alex V made this. June 23, 2004
A sitcom which is shit and may appear funny but is not, often followed by entire generations, i.e. "2 & 1/2 Men" or "How I met your mother" etc...
Man, that's such a shitcom...
by Blowjobmaster August 12, 2010
It's like a sitcom, but it's a comedy about shit. Sitcoms are comedies about classical situations, loved by people around the world. Shitcoms are meaningless and reak with mendacity.
Dude 1: I hate shitcoms.
Dude 2: You mean like cavemen, carpoolers, and alf?
Dude 1: Yea, they were flops.
Dude 2: The best sitcoms were Friends and How I Met Your Mother. Why can't the networks make more sitcoms like Friends?
Dude 1: TV networks are total bitchass.
Dude 2: Perhaps, they are stoned.
by Sitcom May 28, 2009
Takes the structure of a traditional Sitcom and adds an edge, sometimes poor camera quality, foul language and crude behavior.
3 Kings is a new Shitcom on youtube. The very first of it's kind. (
by AntVZedalza August 18, 2010
Chatting with someone on an electronic device while taking a shit.
Would you mind if I were to shitcom Brad later? I really don't have to go that bad right now.
by makinmagic899 March 29, 2011
When a romcom's shit aspect exceeds the bounds of the "romantic" aspect leaving a bitter comedy that can only be described as a "shitcom"
Jeff: "Did you see '50 first dates' with Adam Sandler?"
Bro: "Adam Sandler is a classic shitcom star!"
by ResplendentInferior July 29, 2010
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