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During gay sex, a man pulls out only to find his penis covered in fecal matter.
When Todd noticed his shitcicle, he slapped Mark in the face with it and said, "Suck it off, bitch!"
by Coy Peterson June 04, 2005
Frozen dog crap that dogs can't resist and will munch on.
When walking my dog Nikki this morning she came across a particular scrumptious shitcicle and scarfed it down before I could say, NO!!!!.
by raeghos January 23, 2011
A piece of fecal matter shaped like an icicle either on or off of a stick.
Damn Tom, did you eat a shitcicle for lunch? Cause your breath STINKS!!
by Reckless01 February 03, 2008
When you stick your finger up a guy/girls butt and they shit onto your finger then you lick it off like licking a popsicle.
Last night I made a shitcicle with my girlfriend and it tasted delicious
by Skahtee1 December 07, 2009
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