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The act of taking a dump in someone else's house on the way out of that house; without the person directly realizing it until they hear the toilet flush. And by that time, you're gone.
Matt: Andrew took a massive crap in in your house yesterday!

Chris: Yah, he Shit and Split!

by Lbayncha1 February 14, 2009
Going into a house party or gathering. Taking a dump without flushing and leaving.
OMG what smells?? Oh NOOO is that shit in the toliet?? Did someone shit and split??
by MiR.D February 18, 2010
To fart and then leave, allowing others to endure the stench.
See also:
Fart and Dart
Crikey! Bob shit and split ten minutes ago and the stink lingers.
by RenegadeRebel January 13, 2007
A bowel movement that consists of only one log and 1-2 wipes to cleanse yourself. Usually 30 seconds from pants down to pants up.
"it won't be long, it's going to be a shit and split."
by 711arbor October 14, 2009
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