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The natural occuring little space that may appear between a woman's legs right below her crotch and is usually observed from behind and when the woman is wearing tight jeans. You can actually see sunlight between the legs. Only can be seen on women who have great bodies. Called an empanada because the space is the exact size and shape of an empanada. Also it is usually seen on latin woman because of the way they are built.
Check out that ass! Did you see the empanada too?
#vagina #ass #culo #bonbon #nalgas
by 711Arbor May 08, 2009
A bowel movement where after the main dump, there's still a piece of turd that is on the verge of coming out, but you just can't get it out. Called a Teddy KGB because it's just "hanging around". Will usually result in a terrible wipe where at least half a roll of toilet paper is used.
"Well, that sucked. I was in there for 25 minutes. It was a real Teddy KGB."
#crap #poop #turd #shit #bowel movement
by 711arbor October 14, 2009
Short for a fuck blanket. Usually referred to a female that is used by one or many guys for sex. The girl is never considered a girlfriend or respected.
Who's that girl? Oh, that's Bobby's new f-blanket.
#marine mattress #slut #f blanket #whore #easy
by 711Arbor May 08, 2009
A bowel movement that consists of only one log and 1-2 wipes to cleanse yourself. Usually 30 seconds from pants down to pants up.
"it won't be long, it's going to be a shit and split."
#poop #crap #shit #bowel movement #turd
by 711arbor October 14, 2009
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