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The water that splashes up into your anus when releasing a turd into the shitter.
Brad decided it was no big deal that he was out of toilet paper, for the shit spit rinsed out his farthole just fine.
by Cosmosis July 08, 2005
To spit out something in some way resembling shit in texture, smell, taste, feel, or look.
Me: Dude don't put that cappuccino mix in your mouth. You might shit-spit it on this awesome shirt.

David: *PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF* (shit spits)

by w00t. April 01, 2007
A potentially severe event which takes place during the act of dropping a deuce. When taking a shit of monumental proportions, your mammoth shit may impact the water of your toilet with such a tremendous force that it causes a geyser of cold shit water to erupt and hit your anus. Is highly unsanitary if no one flushed before you. Side effects of the shit spit include but are not limited to: briskly awake feeling, disturbance, loud slpashing noises, and a sense of needing to wipe an extra time.
Person A: Gimme just a sec...
*loud splash noise*
Person A: Oh fuck.
Person B: What's wrong mah man? You almost done in there?
Person A: The water stabbed me in the ol' poop chute!
Person B: You, my nasty sir, have just experienced a shit spit.
Person A: Man, fuck this...
by alchemist March 15, 2014
When you fuck a girl in the ass then let her shit in your mouth, then spit it back in her ass.
After Mike&Mary dropped their son off at daycare, they did a Shit Spit.
by SouthPark&Juggalo April 05, 2005
When you do anal with a woman and let her shit in her mout, then spit it back in her ass.
After me and my wife dropped our son off at daycare, we did a Shit Spit.
by SouthPark&Juggalo April 05, 2005
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