The action of "swiping" you or someone elses mo-hawk (at least 4 inches in length) vertically, in a downward motion, through the ass crack of another, ideally pants-less, individual. The desired result is a new, undesirable stench on the "shit-hawker's" mo-hawk as well as a startled, awkward, forward thrusting motion from the victim of the "Shit-hawk."
Guy with mo-hawk "That stupid fucker just stole my beer and took his pants off!!"

Other guy: "go Shit-hawk his ass!"

(mo-hawk man takes other guys advice, "shit-hawks" the beer stealing nudist, and retrieves beer and forces the nudist to leave.)
by Placentapede March 27, 2010
Top Definition
A term used frequently by Mr. Lahey, Sunnyvale Trailer Park Supervisor from the Trailer Park Boys. Usually used to instill fear in the boys, mainly Bubbles.
Lahey: I'm watching you boys, like a Shit Hawk. A Shit Hawk.

Bubbles: Julian, what's a Shit Hawk?!

Julian: Don't worry about him. He's just drunk.
by WHIZ WIT December 08, 2009
a big shitty bird that swoops down and puts poop on you and carries you away back to its big shitty nest.
im not afraid of no fucking shit hawks
by olliver clothsoff January 03, 2009
Word used by Jim Lahey, Trailer Park Supervisor from the Trailer Park Boys.
"I am watching you Julian.... like a shithawk"
by Fianna sidhe October 04, 2003
According to Bubbles, an expert on the subject of shithawks:

"... somekind of shitty bird that flies around and drops poop onto you..."
I'm watching you like a shithawk
by Ricky Leahy November 18, 2003
a stupid, dumbass, fucking bird, that likes 2 shit everywhere. also known as, a seagull.
*that damn shit hawk!! crapped all over the new truck!!!
*im gunna kill that shithawk!!
*mommy! mommy!! the shithawk bit me!!
by me November 19, 2003
1. One of numerous 'shit analogies' by Mr. Jim Lahey; supervisor of Sunnyvale trailer park.

2. A second-generation Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am of poor condition.
Ex. 1: "I'm watching you, a shit hawk."
Ex. 2: "Yea, this is my '81's a shit-hawk, ain't it?"
by ShytHawk01 May 29, 2006
someone who comes to a party or to hang out with nothing to offer, acting like everyone owes him something. this is often accompanied by attempts to make you feel guilty and/or intimidated. they never will pay you back nor will they ever accept the fact that they are a SHITHAWK.
shithawks can often be seen bumming smokes at train stations in flocks of three or more.

a group of shithawks is known as a shitstorm; as they work together to strip you of every drop of liquor and ever cigarette you own.
Guy 1: "hey who took my last beer?"

Guy 2: " think it was that shithawk over there!"

Guy 1: "isn't it funny how whenever we light up a smoke, peter shows up out of nowhere"
Guy 2: "yeah man, he's a total shithawk!"

Guy 1: "oh shit! i think i see a shitstorm coming!"
Guy 2: "shit! hide the liquor!"
Shithawk: "hey man do you have a smoke? i'll pay you back when i get a pack (never)"
Guy 1: "yeah right shithawk."
by Shithunter March 28, 2010
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