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When you take water gun and fill it up with piss instead. Good for shattering the will and innocence of young children.
"Those little bastards across the street kept kicking their damn ball on to my lawn, so I got out the ol' Super Soaker piss gun and doused em'. Damn kids."

*actual story told to me by my Grandfather, God rest his gentle soul
by ArmyDave October 24, 2006
A Canadian saying, usually used in the Maritime Region, to command an effort of some sort
1. "All right Barney, when I spread this goat's ass and say go, you just give 'er!!!!!"

2. ... so then he says it's touching cloth and I says give 'er lad, no one'll know it was you......
by ArmyDave September 24, 2006
A hard, "Bruce Lee cross-kick style" kick to a fat bitch's gunt. Used in self defense after a fat bitch gets drunk and thinks she has a chance with you. If you don't know what a gunt is, look it up.
I was at this party one time and this fat bitch named Terry* "Fatty" McGatty came up and drunkly told me that she wanted to fuck me, right in front my slimmer girlfriend. So, as any man of sound mind and body would do, I gave her a hard Gunt Kick, grabbed my girl by the hand and ran like hell. Everyone saw it. My buddy Sherwin later told me "It was the Gunt Kick heard around the world". *first name changed
by ArmyDave September 30, 2006
to yell at someone and make them feel afraid and worthless
"Man, the Sarge came in last night and gave Williams both barrels of the shit shotgun for fucking up"
by ArmyDave September 23, 2006
When a girl has one of those retarded tatoos just over her ass. Any girl with one of these tatoos can usually be found at the bar on a Friday or Saturday night, with 4-10 other girls, getting drunk and puking in the parking lot after.
"Hey, check out the ass on that bitch"
"Not bad, I see she bears the mark of the swamp donkey"
by ArmyDave January 06, 2007
to get in shit, get yelled at, receive disciplinary action in a violent manner
Dude, that new guy is so fucked up, he tried to photocopy his nuts and ended up breaking the glass. Henry saw the whole thing and crapped on the guy's head for it.
by ArmyDave October 24, 2006
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