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Well in the heat of an amazing threesome (two girls and one guy) the women contort their bodies into the bridge position and then the man places an Alaskan Pipeline (shitting into a condom and freezing it) into both women, connecting them. From there he karate chops the connecting feces bridge and empties the contents into their mouths.
Two drunks girls and one feces fetishing male are needed to create the shit bridge
by Chocolate Ice January 06, 2010
A floating bridge of toilet paper keeping your shit dry created by clogging a toilet with a whole roll of toilet paper then taking a dump on top of the toilet paper bridge.
The janitors were real pissed off today. Someone created a shit bridge in the bathroom and they had to use a shovel to clear it out!
by Sucio S October 21, 2011
n. A shit so large it forms a bridge over the toilet bowl drain pipe and cannot be flushed.

v. The act of creating a shit bridge.
Jimmy: "Anybody got a popsicle stick, I just shit bridged the hotel toilet?"
by Hobbes21 May 03, 2008
Also known as shitbridging. for two grown ass niggas to hold both of each others hands and squat down to take a massive shit. This method is most commonly used in places that lack civilization And you don't want your bare ass to touch the nasty bug infested ground. You could also perform a reverse shitBridge together over a toilet if your both in a hurry to take care of business. You may acomplished the reverse shitbridge by locking elbows back to back.
You gotta shit bro? Me too dawg... help a nigga out and let's shitbridge.
by mustanglady February 15, 2015
The space between the opening of the vagina and the anus
"Don't ever go near the shit bridge, thats some dirty shit"
by Tom Day September 27, 2006
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