shinings is another word 4 head(blow job) if you do not know what this is then ur a dumbas!!! lmao!!!!!! ad if your under 8 years old then ask one of your parentds
oi u... will u giv me shinings???
oi u... will u giv me head???
get it?
by dr pepperrrrrrr June 09, 2006
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Displaying one's penis, usually in public, often discreetly (for example by letting just the tip hang out of the fly of the pants) - not a sexual thing but more usually as a joke or a visual statement of derision.
<showing pictures from his European trip) "Hahaha and here's me Shining next to the Eiffel Tower!"
by Avi G October 28, 2010
A drug induced trip; A glorious intoxication to the point of questioning one's own existence.

See also: trip - out
"Wow, the colors have sounds. I must be shining..."
by L. Niko September 24, 2007

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