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A rambling conspiracy theorist who tends to make up events that never happened.

Usually characterized by being terrible at any fact or metric-based competition (fantasy sports, supporting the correct political candidate, telling the time, etc.) and gets dominated regularly, but continues to make up stats that never existed, even though they can be easily disproven.
Guy 1: That guy lost really, really badly.
Guy 2: Woah, he really Shilted the bed.
Guy 1: Yeah, even though it can be easily proven with facts, he'll probably still deny it. In all caps.

Girl 1: Let's ask that guy for directions.
Girl 2: Nah, I already asked him where the store was. He said it was on the moon with the illegals who voted for Hillary and Obama's hidden birth certificate.
Girl 1: Dang, what a Shilt.
by Malachi_Constant April 18, 2017
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Burning liquid bowel movement that results from drinking too much milk.
I had burning shilt after I drank all of that milk
by William H Ballard III January 18, 2004
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she sucked his dick and he shilted on her face
by abingdon posse May 19, 2003
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The process of drooling or becoming heavily salivated prior to vomiting. This excess saliva is usually a warning sign that vomit is on it's way. The most common reason for the shilts is over ingestion of alcohol. This term is important for innocent bystanders to know, for the term can be used as a warning.
the shilts suck, why can't I just puke already?
by BiggestB March 01, 2011
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Damn, it smells like buttjuice in here.. Did you get some,,? Naw homie, it smells like -=shilt=-
by dookie twirl September 03, 2016
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Solid particles of fecal matter that rest on the floor of the toilet bowl after a bout of diarrhea, resembling river or creek silt. Hard to flush, and has a habit of lingering after multiple flushes.
Sorry about the shilt left over, I ate at Taco Bell last night and your toilet works horrible...
by Scabbeau September 02, 2014
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