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One who has a DySfUnCtIoNaL ReLaTiOnShIp WiTh ThEiR ShIfT KeY. They think it's cool. NEWS FLASH: It's not. What, did you skip elemetary school?
Me: Hey. Whats up?
You: NoThInG MuCh. JuSt HaNgIn OuT. YoU?
Me: Ok, no. Here's a dollar. why don't you go buy your dignity back? Nobody likes a Shifter.
by MBequalsHeart November 16, 2005
Your arsehole.
Guy 1: dude, whats that smell

Guy2: sorry man, those beans I had made my shifter sneeze
by chongo November 01, 2013
noun -

a term used to describe a woman that when engaged in sex shifts her body in such a way that breaks a man's penis.

The woman could be a sadist or just an inexperienced, sex-crazed lunatic.

Empirical evidence shows that they are a very clear and very present danger to dicks everywhere. You've been warned.
Doctor: "What have we got"
Nurse: "Another fractured penis"
Doctor: "Good God! This is the seventh case this week. We have a serial shifter on the loose!"

Guy 1: "Damn, that girl is fine."
Guy 2: "You don't want none. That's a shifter if I ever saw one."
by BilltownHustler September 17, 2013
The first pint of beer consumed after a work shift is over, usually sold at a fraction of the price of a regular pint.
Greg: "Hey Bill, can you give me a ride home after we get off work?"
Bill: "Sure, but I want to grab a shifter over at the cantina first."


"Hey guys, the bar across the way is doing shifters again, lets go when we get off work."
by adirondak February 16, 2012
a biscuit or cookie type snack...made from bran...just pure bran. good substitute for laxatives
Alex: oh man i was on the crapper for hours after eating that shifter.
Josh: Haha yeh my mum makes some killer shifters!
by bofredlington January 31, 2006