u guys are dumb if you think he's not kewl. i forget what his name supposed to mean in some other language but i think it's like god praise the beef or something. now if having a name that means that isn't kewl, well then i don't know what is.
I would gladly let the aliens take me away if they all looked like shia labeouf.
by krusty fordola October 09, 2003
Oh baby, oh baby! Let's make some edible bikinis now come on! Now doesn't that taste good.
Shia Shaide LaBeouf is a hottie. LOL
by Laurie "Loveable Laurie Baby" October 13, 2003
shia labeouf hottest actor also known as my b/f.
i luv you Shia!
by JEN January 09, 2004
The worst excuse for an actor that has ever disgraced the screen. Can also be used to describe especially ugly or repulsive individuals
1.Hey did you see that new movie that actor was a total Shia Labeouf

2. ewww never speak to me again you Shia Labeouf
by sizzlemizzle February 29, 2008
Just the gayest name for a man, ever. It even beats Wayne LaPierre.
guy #1: Is that guy straight?

guy#2: I dunno, what's his name?

guy#1: Shia Labeouf.

guy#2: Queen.
by DrHiz August 11, 2003

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