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A shirt-tent; a shirt missing a defined waist.
Ina Garten's rocking that shent, as usual.
by barefootcontessa May 08, 2010
92 10
An enormous shirt. Derived from the words shirt and tent.
Dang! That lady in front of the line has like 10 shents she's paying for! O_o
by Master S XXII June 26, 2010
37 13
A shent is a mixture of the word shit-kent, and it can often be used to describe someone who is a bit of a dicklicker.
Jesus Joseph you can be a real shent sometimes
by HowdyFolks June 01, 2011
10 15
Yet another word for shit, along the lines of "shat".
Oh man, I need a shent!
That place is shent!
by horntown November 20, 2010
4 40