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Shelfing is an activity where people try to fit themselves inside a closet. It is a prerequisite for proper shelfing that the closet is not larger than your body volume plus 0,5 m3.
I saw two gals at the museum who had lots of fun shelfing in an antique closet, with the curator planking on the top of it.
#shelfing #closet #shelf #planking #activity
by Saturninus October 31, 2011
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A common photography pose in which a person places their hand beneath their chin, forming a sort of shelf for their head to rest on, in order to better frame their face. When such a pose is used for a selfie, the resulting image is called a "shelfie"
"Excellent use of shelfing, Sasha! What an exquisite shelfie!"
#shelfie #shelfy #shelving #selfie #picture
by flyingpenguin December 14, 2014
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