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A picture or portrait of your bookshelf. Showcasing literature IN ALL IT'S GLORY!
(This term was originally defined by author Rick Riordan).
Not to be confused with selfie .
As you can see, everything in my shelfie is color coordinated.
by chocopath December 17, 2013
A shelfie is a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held smartphone and then uploaded to a social networking website, by Scottish actor Sean Connery.
"Micheline, check out thish shplendid shelfie I jusht took... damn that'sh an elegantly arched eyebrow."
by Throbbington December 11, 2013
The act of taking a selfie while taking a shit.
Oh my god! That is a great shelfie, did you redecorate your bathroom?
by BaldAvenger February 23, 2014
When a fat person takes a selfie from the shoulders up.
This shelfie is not allowing me to see the rest of the people behind her
by mccrazytm August 29, 2014
The act of taking a selfie with others around, but forcing them out of the selfie in a selfish way.
Today Jim was taking a shelfie as he forced Taylor out of the picture for it to only be him inside the shelfie.
by Shellfie June 02, 2014
A bad selfie picture that needs to be shelfed and should not be available for viewing by anyone.
Wife, you shouldn't post that selfie on Facebook because it's a SHELFIE and should be placed on the shelf in back of the closet, with the lights off!
by gamefacedude March 26, 2014
The multiple selfies that one takes but doesn't delete in case they decide it's better than the selfie they posted
Lady: what do you think of this pic?

Joe Z: it's better than the other 8 shelfies on your phone
by Joe Zzzzz January 23, 2014