An insult aimed at anyone in rural areas, particularly most of Yorkshire and, of all of Yorkshire, particularly Leeds. Can also be called mutton molestors or ovine abusers, but sheep shaggers just sounds better!
Leeds United "fans" are a bunch of sheep shaggers!
Sheep shagging scum, in fact.
I will laugh so much if the fuckin' sheep shaggers get relegated again!

Sheep, sheep, sheep shagger!

Oh Elland Road (Oh Elland Road)
Is full of sheep (is full of sheep)
Oh Elland Road is full of sheep
It's full of sheep, sheep and more sheep
Oh Elland Road is full of sheep!
by joannedj January 13, 2007
Can be used as an insult or another name of a new zealander, or farmer
"where is he from?"
"oh, he's a sheep-shagger."
by xXxshawtyxXx November 26, 2006
Usually Welsh or from New Zealand. Although can be found in rural areas throughout the world.
by tash April 24, 2003
A person who had the need to insert his genitals into a sheep's anus. Forest fans use this to describe derby scum on many occasions.
That sheep-Shagger is going nowhere near my daughter.
by Lot's of children September 17, 2011
Used to insult Welsh people mostly. Can also be used to insult people like farmers, new-zealanders etc.
Person 1: "omg. that boy over there is so peng."
Person 2: "eurgh. no. he's a sheep-shagger!"
Person 1: "sickooooooooooooooooooooooo"
by FriendOfScoutBoy May 15, 2008
A welshman who has sex with sheep.
-=Elite=-Dirty Old Man is a sheep shagger
by -=Elite=-Medicine Man March 28, 2004
The word sheep shagger is when someone hugs a sheep when they are cold. This can be mistaken for sheep shagging. It mainly happens in Wales due to the cold weather.
"Look at him hugging that sheep what a sheep shagger."
by Penny & Dan October 18, 2008

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