A person who shags sheep bottoms
daz and hicks go down to the farm and loves to give it up the sheeps bottoms
by Tony July 12, 2003
Any man born or living in Derby
Normal men think about sex every 30 seconds.

When you're from Derby, the sex you think about is between you and a sheep.

That's because you are a sheep shagger.
by chad0x001 August 16, 2011
someone from brockhill park called an ian langley
someone who sticks thier penis up a sheeps bum therefor known as a sheep shagger
by gaymans123 April 05, 2011
A New Zealander who enjoys 'shagging' sheep can often be found in New Zealand and Australia
Wow, there was a whole bunch of sheep shaggers walking past me last night
by goochdards March 31, 2011
An insult aimed at anyone in rural areas, particularly most of Yorkshire and, of all of Yorkshire, particularly Leeds. Can also be called mutton molestors or ovine abusers, but sheep shaggers just sounds better!
Leeds United "fans" are a bunch of sheep shaggers!
Sheep shagging scum, in fact.
I will laugh so much if the fuckin' sheep shaggers get relegated again!

Sheep, sheep, sheep shagger!

Oh Elland Road (Oh Elland Road)
Is full of sheep (is full of sheep)
Oh Elland Road is full of sheep
It's full of sheep, sheep and more sheep
Oh Elland Road is full of sheep!
by joannedj January 13, 2007
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