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To get a rush on, i.e the need to be in a hurry. Can also be used when you are late or when something needs to be done there and then.
If we're gonna make it for a pint, we'd better sheen on
by C2Jim August 30, 2006
5 Words related to Sheen On
1. Sheenon is an elitist who fondles the hair and hearts of men and women alike. He is a generously handsome prince that should always be treated like the royalty he is.

2. While many question his orientation, he is straighter than the narrow way.

3. Friendly personality has earned him more FB friends than a D-list celeb, though he only has one true BFF.

4. His idea of living on the edge includes rollerblading on busy streets after dark, riding his vespa (without a helmet), and bending like a pretzel in the tiniest of yoga shorts. He can be found at various runway shows, photo shoots, skinny-dipping in the ocean, or making jam (generally not all at once).

5. Don’t attempt to seize his heart, it’s already been captivated by the temptress.
That dapper prince must be a Sheenon
by thetemptress February 08, 2010

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