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A Shecky is the lesser-known sibling of a famous person. They come from the same gene pool, but clearly lack that "something special" to elevate them out of Sheckyhood. Additionally, they are granted singing/acting opportunities strictly based on genetic nepotism (i.e. See Ashlee Simpson).
Ashlee Simpson = Shecky Simpson
Kevin Dillon = Shecky Dillon
Chad Lowe = Shecky Lowe

You get the picture... :)
by PollyNik August 08, 2005
adj. used to describe something when it's not up to par

nikki: why don't you wear this tonight

marissa: i ain't wearin that shecky ass shirt
by nikki bucks February 27, 2008
A commonly used term for feces left behind on your neighbors lawn.
Brett: Dude your dog left a giant shecky on my lawn.
by doo-language May 03, 2009
Nickname of pro-skateboarder Ryan Sheckler.
I was stoked to see Shecky do a kickflip indy with full leg extension!
by Mopsy April 23, 2006
A white man in his 40's or older that enjoys sexual favors from a variety of women of questionable character
"That Shecky sure enjoys playin' with thoes hoes"
by bob lilla October 03, 2003