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A phrase used to express a desire to do something. Often asked as a question when looking for confirmation. Also means "looking to" or "want to."
Man, I'm trying to get laid tonight. Let's hit the club.

Trying to get drunk?

You trying to go egg that Scientology building down the street?

I was trying to go to the movies tonight, but this bitch was straight sluffin and took too long to get ready. So we just ended up boning at my place. Ya dig?
by juhnlaaa June 28, 2009
A variation of "What's Good."
Yo, what's goody son?

Not shit.

Yeah.... trying to roll a blunt?

by juhnlaaa June 28, 2009
A variation of "What's Goody" or "What's Good."
Oh sup Trevor.

What's gully?

Trying to smoke?

by juhnlaaa June 28, 2009
A cross between the words "Buffering" and "Sluffin." When a streaming online video won't play or buffer fast enough, therefore "slufferin."
Man, this video is straight slufferin.
by juhnlaaa June 28, 2009
A slang variation of "yea", particularly popular in the Southern United States. Used interchangeably with similar variations like "chea" and "jea."
Trying to get drunk tonight?

by juhnlaaa June 28, 2009

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